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Kea or Tzia is an island full of beauty, cultural tradition and strong contrasts in its geophysical profile, where at distances of 10 kilometers, the island with the mountainous nature conflict peacefully, creating a charming result for the visitor. Regarded as the “gate of the Cyclades”, and indirectly connects mainland Greece with the Cyclades and separates the Archipelago from the South Evian Gulf.

Discover Kea walking!

The footpaths of Kea

One of the most interesting ways to discover Kea is by walking. The well-preserved network of footpaths in the island includes 12 routes that will offer you unforgettable experiences.
Wander around the green creeks in the inland, the most isolated small bays, the most picturesque chapels, the imposing ruins of an ancient tower. Check out the suggested routes and let Kea reveal to you its natural beauty and its enchanting history.

The magical underwater world


Kea is an immense entertainment park for the friends of diving thanks to its underwater wealth. The morphology and the biodiversity of its seabed as well as the island’ s role in history, as a location of many shipwrecks, have created a unique scenery for experienced but also amateur divers to explore.
In the island there is a diving center where you may find information about diving tourism and organize your own personal diving experience.

Enjoy the crystal blue waters of Kea.

Water Sports

The deep blue water of Kea and the special morphology of its bays form a welcoming environment for the friends of the water sports. Apart from the classic sailing that counts a tradition of decades in the island, the visitor has the opportunity to do water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, wakesurfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, jet skiing, diving and more fascinating activities.
In the island there are several water sports centers, where you may find all the necessary information, special equipment as well as the appropriate trainers.

If you wish additional information on the night life of Kea, please contact with us!

Night Life

The beautiful island of Kea keeps its identity even at night. The night life is modest following the locals wish to preserve the island’s flair, against the general principle of the Cyclades islands.
here are various places to enjoy your evenings which do not disturb the everyday life of the locals. Thus, you can enjoy your drink at Vourkari and Gialiskari in a romantic and calm atmosphere. At the central village of Ioulida the choices are not that many, but there is a list of coffee shops, and bars that can make for a wonderful night with the right company. At the port of Korissia, there are bars, a night club with Greek music as well as various coffee shops. The Spathi beach bar is one of the bars with party times throughout summer. These are events that one should not miss, wherever they take place.
The summer program of live performances and events is pretty busy and it makes sense to follow since the parties are not to be missed.
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