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With the endless kilometers of its coastline, Kea offers even to the most demanding visitor idyllic beaches with impressive crystal waters: organized beaches, beaches with wild beauty, beaches in the very heart of action, isolated beaches, beaches accessible from the land and the sea as well as hidden beaches that invite the visitor to explore them.

Beach Otzias

The longest beach of the island is Otzias bay, a majestic coast of 700 m. length, partly organized. Here you may find a golden sandy beach, deep blue waters, dense salt cedars, and a picturesque landscape surrounded by the white little churches of Aghios Sostis and Ai Giorgis from both sides. It is the ideal place to stay, swim or eat in one of the seaside taverns.


Beach Pisses

Pisses is one of the favourite beaches on Kea, on the south-western coast at 11 km from Ioulida, the capital of the island. The trip to this location offers a great landscape. Other nice beaches that can be found in the close areas are Koundouros, Kastelakia, Lygia, and Liparo. However, in the case of Pisses, apart from offering great environment on the way, it has the particularity of being located on a fruit and cypress trees valley, with lots of flowers and also farms.

Beach Koundouros

Koundouros beach is on the northwest part of the island. The location of this beach, at 18 km from Ioulis, the capital, makes it a very popular area that usually receives many yachts from the mainland during the weekends. The beach itself has nice features and is very picturesque, with restored stone mills. Among its advantages we can point out its protection from the north winds, and its facilities which include some taverns, as well as good accommodation options.


Beach Gialiskari

On the west side of Aghios Nikolaos bay you will find a small but beautiful bustling beach and the homonymous village with many accommodations in an amphitheatrical formation over the hill. Enjoy the sand and the clear waters and when the sun starts chasing you, try to resort under the shadow that the salt cedars and the eucalypti lavishly offer you. Stay until late so that you don’t miss an unforgettable view of the sunset.

Beach Korissia-Livadi

The port of Kea is also offered for swimming. The beach is sandy and the sea clear, given the fact that the gulf is open and the water is being continuously renewed. As in every port, you may find here restaurants, bars, cafes and shops for every taste.


Beach Kampi

Kambi Beach Kea: A refreshing dip in the cool blue water, followed by a relaxing nap under the sun, is what Kambi beach will make you want. This small slice of heaven, situated just 18.5 kilometers from the capital of Kea Island, Ioulida, is sure to drown all your worries. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and cliffs overhanging the sea, Kambi beach provides a perfect escape from noisy crowds and polluted air. Mountains, around the beach, are cut into steps, usually a farming technique followed in hilly regions.These steps stop just above the beach, breaking into green trees that run along it.

Beach Frea

A beach with thin pebbles, trees and kiosks just at a few meters distance from Koundouros.


Beach Bouri

A lesser-known beach near the village of Kambi, about 18.5 kilometers southwest of the capital Ioulida, is the perfect destination for those looking for a private place to relax and reconnect with nature. Explore every aspect of your personality in this secluded, quaint beach either by taking a stroll along the sandy beach or by hiking up the rocky side or simply diving into the sparkling blue water of the magnificent sea.

Beach Spathi

The beach of Spathi is one of the most beautiful on Kea. It is large with nice bright sand, and can be found at 14 km from Ioulida, the capital of the island. The travel to this beach is also very pleasant, since it takes visitors to an arid area of tranquil beauty, after which a green valley appears on the scenery. This beach occupies an important place in history as well, since it used to be one of the main locations on Kea during the ancient times. This importance was related to economical issues, since the area used to be rich on iron and rubric, so it gave place to extraction activities.


Beach  Xyla

The beach of Xyla is ideal for those seeking for peace and relaxation. It is usually very clean and has picturesque surroundings. Staring at the immensity of its beautiful deep blue waters with occasional ferries coming and going, and hearing nothing but the sound of the waves along the 200 metres this beach extends over, can calm down any tense spirit.

Beach Melissaki

Melissaki is on the north-west coast of Kea, along with the popular beach of Gialiskari, the windy Otzias, the peaceful Xyla, and the picturesque Mavrambeli. The closest beach to Melissaki in terms of proximity and features is Xyla. They both offer a quiet and paradisiacal atmosphere, away from big crowds and noises, and they can both be reached from Korissos, by taking the road leading to the area of Marades, and Melissaki. Once getting this road, it will soon turn into a dirt one, after which you should take the way down to Melissaki.


Beach Kalydonychi

The beach of Kalydonychi is among the most highly recommended beaches on the eastern coast of Kea, along with Orkos, Psili Ammos, Sykamia, and Spathi. Kalidonychi counts on great crystalline waters that are excellent for swimming, and its profile is not as high as that of Gialiskari, or as low as that of Liparo. On the other hand, its closeness to the mentioned beaches allows the visit to Kalidonychi to be taken advantage of, in order to know them.

Beach Kaliskia

Kaliskia is one of the beaches of the south-eastern tip of Kea, along with Schinos Bay, Agios Philippos, and Platis Gialos. Most of the beaches in this area can be accessed by boat. In the case of Kaliskia, it is near the Pigadaki area. In fact, Kaliskia beach can be reached by following a bypass that comes from Pigadaki. This route can be taken advantage of, for seeing the remaining traces of extended farms ofthe classic times.


Beach Orkos

Orkos is a large beach on the north-eastern coast of Kea. There are no taverns. The good point about this is that most of the times it has no people either. Therefore, in general terms, it is possible to spend most of the day alone on this peaceful beach. During weekends, as well as in the month of August, the island tends to get more populated, so maybe a few people may be found on the beach. Orkos also has a few houses that are used as summer residences, on the beach itself, but also along the road to it.

Beach Lygia

The beach of Lygia can be found on the south-western coast of Kea, along with Kastelakia, Pisses, Liparo, Kambi and Koundouros beaches. Secluded and remote places like Lygia beach with few or no facilities take advantage of the good connection between these beaches, and therefore, offer visitors the chance to get what they need after a walk through the path.


Beach Kastelakia

Kastelakia Beach has the perfect atmosphere to provide visitors with the best environment for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Those who come to Kastelakia beach looking for peace and a relaxed place to sunbathe and swim will not be disappointed. Lush hills end up in a narrow sand and pebble beach descending into crystal blue waters ideal for swimming. Although Kastelakia beach is a paradise beach, tourists must be ready to take some food supplies and fresh water, as there are no facilities in this almost desert beach.

Beach Karthaia-Poles



Beach Mavrambeli

Mavrambeli Beach Kea: Mavrambeli is a quiet beach, offering a picturesque and calmed environment, ideal for those who expect to relax and get away from big crowds. First of all, we must point out its location. Mavrambeli is placed on the north-west coast along with other more popular beaches, such as Gialiskari and Otzias.

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